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Trasimeno Lake

Trasimeno Lake, between culture, gastronomy and entertainment

Camping Village Cerquestra is located in one of the most fascinating part of Italy, rich in history, art and traditions.
On the shores of Trasimeno lake, in the green rolling hills of Umbria and a few miles. from Tuscany, the Cerquestra is located near the most important art cities of central Italy such as Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Siena, Cortona and a short distance from cities like Rome and Florence.
Umbria, the green heart of Italy, is a unique region for the beauty of its landscapes, the culinary tradition, the importance of the places of faith and its cultural wonders.
Go Camping on the Trasimeno lake means enjoying lovely views, where the beauty of nature and historical villages combine to give you unique emotions.
According to legend, the lake owes its name to the Prince Trasimeno, son of God Tirreno, that during a visit to the lands of ancient Etruria, came up to our lake. Given the summer heat, the Prince decided to take a bath and the nymph Agilla, struck by her beauty, he fell in love and decided to seduce him with their singing. Trasimeno entranced by the beautiful voice he penetrated into the lake and drowned stunned by that heavenly song. Since then it is said that the light breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees in the evenings of August is the lament of the nymph Agilla, still in search of his handsome prince.
The name could also derive from Trasimeno geographical location of the lake itself: Trans – Menio, or beyond the upstream Menio, as it was called in pre-Roman times the mountain that borders the lake to the north.

Trasimeno Lake, with an area of 128 km² and a circumference of about 54 km, is the largest lake in Central Italy, fourth among Italian lakes. There are three islands within it: Polvese Island, Isola Maggiore, Isola Minore.
On the shores of the lake, lying on the green and rolling hills, the villages of the Trasimeno are real treasures to discover and experience. Castiglione del Lago, Città della Pieve, Passignano, Magione, Tuoro, Panicale, Paciano and other small lakeside towns preserve intact the beauty of their medieval past and their food traditions.
Place where the fishing tradition merges with that of the rural world, Trasimeno lake offers an unspoiled and charming where faith, food, wine, art, traditions and folklore are indissolubly.

Trasimeno Lake


Trasimeno lake has many beaches at the small towns along its shore, either sandy or grassy, free or with a tariff. You can relax on a different one each day, and so get to know the individual locations around Lake Trasimeno.

In this way you can enjoy the beach at different parts of the lake and, while you’re there, visit the towns that surround it.

Only 100 metres from the Cerquestra Camping Village are two beaches, one free, the other a private, equipped beach (with a special arrangement with Cerquestra), which you can simply walk to.

To Passignano (8.5 km. From the campsite – easily accessible by bike) – equipped beach Sualzo Beach

To Tuoro (14.0 km. From the campsite) – beach of Punta Navaccia

To Castiglione del Lago (28 km. From the campsite) – the beaches of Praia Cafe Il Pescatore and The Beach Sports Merangola

For Polvese Island (boarding at 5 min. since Campsite) – beach


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