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Cooperativa Pescatori is located in San Feliciano, a few steps from Magione. The cooperative has been engaged for years in fishing the best fish of Trasimeno Lake. In addition, through the “Pesca Turismo” (fishing tourism), they make tourists discover all the ancient fishing practices.

Among their many activities the Cooperative proposes:

Fishing tourism: fishing trips for families or large groups on board the barge of the cooperative and accompanied by fishermen.
Fishermen for a day is to accompany and spend a day with and professional fisherman. It allows you to experience the thrill output at dawn on the typical fishing boats, place and collect the nets and then return at the cooperative for delivery of the catch.
nature hikes: this experience allows you to try the thrill of moving around the waters of the lake. The cooperative provides boats to accompany tourists and fans in the most charming places of the Trasimeno.
Evenings at the beach: the cooperative, on request and based on the number of participants, organizes evenings on the beach with live music and grilled fish.
For information: www.pescatorideltrasimeno.com – tel. +39 075 8476005


Umbria in Vespa is the result of passion for the wasp and the immense pleasure you feel going along country roads through the beautiful landscapes of Umbria.

Umbria fact, lends itself, by its character and its landscape, to be discovered on a Vespa. The areas that you can learn in a day on a Vespa are quite extended in order to discover this part of the region, but at the same time right size for working out with taste all the impressions gathered during the trip.

Contrary to a bike tour, going on a Vespa will not get sweaty and tired to different stations, however the fresh air. There are roads, far from those trafficked, which are so beautiful that it would be worthwhile walk them though there was no attraction along the way

Umbria in Vespa offers rental services Vespa or bee Calessino, scooter rental, transportation to the hotel upon request.

Umbria in Vespa is located in Via Case Sparse, 42 – San Savino, Magione (next to the Oasi La Valle)

Tel. +39 347 4636423 – www.umbriainvespa.com  – info@umbriainvespa.com


Trasimeno Lake offers the opportunity to spend some days on the islands, full of nature and relaxation. Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese are in fact the enchanting islands that can be visited and which offer picturesque scenery and rich vegetation. There is the possibility to make nice walks both in their scope and in the central areas. Both islands have equipped facilities, visitors can enjoy the small beaches for sunbathing and swimming.

The ferry service is punctual and offers hiking opportunities every hour, both outbound and return flights.


Isola Maggiore, in the municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno, is the only of the three islands to be inhabited again. The island has an area of ​​24 hectares, it is therefore relatively small, despite its name, the largest of the three islands of Lake Trasimeno Polvese Island. The settlement, consisting of 18 people, is located in the western area of ​​the island, stretching from the pier to Via Guglielmi, the main street.

The characteristic feature of the island still retains the village atmosphere of the ‘400 fishermen. In past centuries it was fishing the main source of livelihood of the island. To date, tourism and related activities, such as catering, bathing and the sale of souvenirs, are the main source of income.
Off the ferry we arrive at a small square, from here going to the right in the direction of the 3 Martyrs Street you can get to the mill to the wind, while going up Via San Michele Arcangelo you are reached near the homonymous Church, on top of the island. If you head left instead follow Via Guglielmi and the lake promenade. Even today you can see the chapel that recalls the landing of San Francesco, after the crossing of the lake, when in 1211 he went to a hermitage on the Island Maggiore for Lent, and the rock where the saint stopped to pray. To visit is the Museum of Lace, since the tradition of lace crochet worked to “point of Ireland” is characteristic of the Island Maggiore, the Church of St. Saviour characterized by a stone portal with carved reliefs, the Palace Captain, the summer residence of the notables who held the position of Captain of the People and the medieval Palace, dating from the thirteenth century, is located on the main street and is a testimony of medieval civil architecture.

On the Isola Maggiore there are catering services where you can enjoy delicious dishes based on fish from the lake.


The Isola Polvese is part of the municipality of Castiglione del Lago and is located in the southeastern part of Lake Trasimeno. With its 70 hectares it is the largest of the three islands of Lake Trasimeno. The island is of particular interest both from a naturalistic point of view, the presence of a tall holm oak, a very extensive reeds and a centuries-old olive grove from which is derived organic olive oil, both from an artistic and cultural point of view because the island retains significant historical memories like the Church of S. Second, the Olivetan Monastery, the Church of S. Giuliano and a recently restored medieval castle.

Once off the ferry you can admire the great Villa, the old building, built about 200 years ago, it is composed of several structures, such as the mill, the farmhouse and agricultural implements. These structures have been recovered, and today represent the Service Center and Living Room Studio, with scientific and environmental laboratories, teaching rooms and convention. At left is the Phytoremediation facility, the Island is in fact an example of environmental management based on sustainability criteria thanks to this system, the energy-saving systems and organic farming. A few steps away is the castle of the XIII century, you can admire the medieval walls and the interior courtyard, used as open-air theater. The path to the left of the castle, leading to the pool of Porcinai, a garden of aquatic plants, built at the end of the fifties on a project of the landscape architect Peter Porcinai. At the first intersection on the right you will arrive at the hostel, if you climb on the balcony you can see the whole island. We then come to the monastery of the Olivetan Monks with the Church of San Secondo, of which only the crypt, the apse, some parts of the perimeter wall and the facade. If you exceed the dense forest that is on the right we arrive at the beach where the playground and the volleyball courts. Finally we come back to the Villa, where you can find the bar and the typical restaurant.

Isola Polvese is used as Didactic Science Park for education and environmental tourism and as a Territorial Laboratory for sustainable development, for research and experimentation. You can participate in educational tours which provide for a direct interaction with the surrounding environment through moments of games, work on the field and laboratory.

Isola Polvese services:

Beaches and bathing water

Huge manicured green spaces

Food service and bars

Public toilets


Villa and guesthouse

Daily ferries

Football field

Museum and Science Park

Routes and trails tracked

Several public shadows

Isola Polvese can be reached by boat from San Feliciano, with approximately 10 minutes travel time. For any information you can visit: www.isolapolvese.it

As for information on rates and schedules of navigation service can be found at www.umbriamobilita.it/it/orari/servizio-navigazione


Also in Umbria, namely a few Km from Castiglione del Lago, the first Wakepark with 2 Torri system. The structures of the Trasimeno Wake Park allow maximum enjoyment for both experienced riders and those who want to approach for the first time to wakeboard.

The lake is spread over an artificial basin of 150 to 150 meters and is run by the Amateur Sports Wake Trasimeno Park. The Trasimeno Wake Park facility is based on a system of two towers, it ensures the maximum in terms of safety and fluidity of shooting. Besides the possibility of dropping by two platforms placed on departure from 50 cm and 1 meter in height, it is placed in the water of a 120 cm high kicker. The width of the pelvis allows maximum enjoyment both tiders more experts who exploit the ramp and learn new Air Tricks, both beginners are followed step by step by the staff.

The Cable Park is a safe place for learning as it is located in a restricted area, and always under the control of the staff in charge of imparting the first lessons and commands the system to allow the fun in total safety.

Trasimeno Wake Park is open every day of the week, there may be more crowded days or less, it is best to call the previous morning to learn about the influx of people expected.

For more information: www.trasimenowakepark.it – Cell. 349 16 09637-335 77 91 097


The Oasis “La Valle”, is the most interesting part of Trasimeno Lake from the naturalistic point of view because, with its shallow waters and extensive reed beds, it is important stage of resting and nesting of thousands of birds along the main routes migration.

At the Oasis it is also the “Foresteria Oasis”, a Escursionistico shelter that allows you not only to discover but, above all, of “Living the Oasi La Valle.” It offers the opportunity to participate in all activities: a guided tour or audio guide, bird watching from the pier, the scientific ringing of birds, the winter censuses, the observatory photo hunt, the landscape photos to capture the beautiful sunsets on the lake

From the main path of the Oasis through a simple staircase or an elevator for the handicapped, you enter the guesthouse consists of a large room bright and quiet room with kitchenette, two bedrooms comfortable for a total of 12 beds, 2 bathrooms each with a shower room, the 1st floor fully accessible with a wheelchair.

The Oasis is open throughout the year, in the morning (9:00 / 13:00) and afternoon (15:00 / 18:00 from October to May and 16.00 / 20:00 From June to September), with the possibility of guided tours, autonomous with audioguide (Italian and English) and, with an interesting bridge with an observatory on the lake, as well as a station for bird ringing.

Info: www.oasinaturalisticalavalle.it–  Tel. +39  075 84 72 865 -+39 328 30 55 083 (M.Maddalena Chiappini) – oasilavalle@gmail.com


La Strada del Vino Colli del Trasimeno is a wine tour designed to retrace the history of the territory, rediscover nature, culture and culinary traditions of the area around Trasimeno Lake and includes all its municipalities. In the path of the Trasimeno Hills Wine Road we will produce four white wines, five reds, a rosé classic method sparkling wine and seven single-variety (Grechetto, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Merlot Reserve, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay Reserve). All the productions are high quality, guaranteed by the designation of origin “Colli del Trasimeno”.

The paths of the Trasimeno Hills Wine Trail are five:

Among the fields of Hannibal
In the footsteps of the Knights of Malta
In the lands of Perugino
The Marquis of Ascanio della Corgna
The green valleys of memory between castles and abbeys
In all the wineries that are part of the trail you can taste and buy wines, olive oil and other local products. They are also active, by reservation, winery tours to explore the vineyards and places of production.

For more information and to discover all the stages of the tour you can visit www.stradadelvinotrasimeno.it site.


Casa del Cioccolato Perugina is a real journey into the world of chocolate.

The route starts from the Historical Museum through images, curiosity, packaging and films to tell more than a century of Italian art of chocolate, from raw materials to manufacturing techniques. The route continues to explore the delights Perugina, through a rich tasting. Interesting is the visit to the factory and, for the gourmands and lovers, the Chocolate Perugina school where you can create small masterpieces of goodness.


Città della Domenica is the first Park in Italy, as well as the biggest attraction for families, Umbria.
An ideal destination for children and adults who want to spend a carefree and fun-filled day in the outdoors and animals. Great over 45 hectares, is located in Perugia in a strategic position: it is located near the Stadium R. Curi and only 15 minutes from Assisi and Trasimeno Lake.
A magnificent view of one of the most beautiful views of Umbria.

For more information: www.cittadelladomenica.it/


Pietrafitta Lake from May 4, 2009 is managed by FIPSAS (Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and diving activities) with an agreement between Enel and neighboring towns. With this agreement, the Federation has created a new and important site for carpfisching competitive; In fact, every year the lake is home to provincial events, regional, national and global (world carp 2011).

The lake of course is also open for common carp anglers who want to spend beautiful days of fishing in peace and happiness on the banks of a unique lake of its kind.
The fish fauna of the lake was originally characterized by various species (carp, chub, tench, crucian carp, perch), inevitably coming from nestore River as well as the strain of indigenous carp present in previous small basins located inside the hollow.

www.passionecarpfishing.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=197&t=15515 (Regional Regulation)


The environmental characteristics of Trasimeno Lake, the size and limited depth, making it the ideal place for the practice of Kitesurfing, the Wakeboard, Sailing and Windsurfing. Sporting activity in the park is facilitated not only by the same morphology of the places, by the presence of numerous structures and equipped services.


The sail is widely practiced throughout the basin due to the favorable conditions offered by the lake. The activity is supported by the presence of sailing clubs organizing sailing courses of initiation and advanced courses for children and adults, schools authorized by the Italian Sailing Federation.

Club Velico Castiglionese
06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG) Tel. 075/953035 Fax. 075/953035 www.cvcastiglionese.it
Email: info@cvcastiglionese.it
Club Velico Trasimeno
Darsena Comandante Acton – 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG) Tel. 075/8296021 Fax. 075/829209 www.clubvelicotrasimeno.it
Email: info@clubvelicotrasimeno.it


The Kitesurf a board and a kite to glide on the water driven by wind.

Scuola Kitesurf a.s.d.
06063 S. Feliciano (PG) Cell: 347/3720416 www.scuolakitesurf.it
Email: info@scuolakitesurf.it


Canoe to learn to listen to the silence of Trasimeno paddling freedom.

Canoa Club Perugia
Loc. Monte del Lago – 06063 (PG) www.canoaclubperugia.it
Email: info@canoaclubperugia.it

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